Ivette Ebaen



Artist Statement


I believe an image lives to tell a story. On its own, a photograph of a roll of toilet paper is simply a photo of an object. Place it on a windowsill of an old abandoned building with blood dripping from the ceiling and you’ve got a thriller.

Yet a lot of single object picture-takers aren’t concerned with visual storytelling. They’re only concerned with documenting what appears in their viewfinder.

These are the people who sell photographs on Shutterstock or Fotolia. A multi-million dollar image industry serves as an add-on market. Each individual photograph is granted permission to be used commercially by creative artists, painters, illustrators, photographers, crafters, fashion and graphic designers, decorators, organizations and their advertising businesses searching for images that suit a particular need.

Attracted to this image-making market of odds and ends, I combine my images with this mix bag of hodgepodge to create a unique, emotive photomontage. I pull a composition together influenced by a theme, an impression received from a photo, a work of art, a sculpture, music, a sensation or a gut feeling; intuiting that which moves and inspires me to create a visual story.

It’s how I create what you see within the frame. It’s what I love to do with the images that attract my attention. And it’s what I’m good at: composition, arrangements, composing works of art.

Ivette Ebaen, B.A. Fine Arts, M.A. Transpersonal Psychology, Professional Diploma Expressive Arts Therapy Person-Centered Approach, Artist/Photographer, 2018.

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